Making the Case for New Year’s Resolutions

January 3, 2017

When that clock strikes midnight every year on December 31st, the entire world takes a moment to appreciate life in general. It’s the mark of the beginning of a New Year, a chance to look back at the year we are leaving, and to look forward to the next 365 days ahead of us.


It’s also a chance (or excuse) to make some changes in our lives. In looking back, we can point out situations that have happened to us in the past year that we wish we had handled differently. Whether that’s not fighting with that family member over some petty issue or still regretting the extra roll you had at Texas Roadhouse (running joke in my family).


Resolutions are really great. It’s a time for you to look at the mistakes you’ve made in the past year and work on not making the same ones this year. I always think about that episode of Friends (The One with All the Resolutions) where each member of the gang makes a resolution, and none of them are really able to keep them. I especially relate to Chandler’s because making fun of your friends through sarcastic comments is something I am extremely guilty of, and no, this will not be my resolution this year. I wouldn’t last very long. The point of this episode though is to highlight how hard it is to make and keep resolutions.


We are all so used to our schedules and the way we do things that it’s easy to just keep going with it. I’m very guilty of it too. I can’t honestly remember a resolution that I’ve kept. Maybe that’s the point though. Resolutions should eventually become a habit and then just part of behavior.

This is very similar to what many do in therapy. They identify things that they don’t like about themselves and work to change them until it becomes a part of who they are.


So, even though most of us break them within a month, make a resolution this year, even if it’s a tiny one: “I’m going to be a vegetarian one day out of the week,” or “I’m going to pick one day a week to take my lunch time and walk around the block.” Hope that you can change something small about yourself that you don’t like. Do that for yourself. Maybe you’ll look back a year from now and you can point to that as something you accomplished this year.

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