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Golden Outlook Counseling is prepared to help individualsc through therapy in areas such as:

  • Anxiety

  • Counseling Children

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Depression

A confidential and supportive environment is vital to therapy for these areas. I work hard to provide that environment and will work with you to establish a personalized approach to any areas of help you need.

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Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety is the number one mental health issue facing clients. It originates as a fear mechanism, which is a good thing when you are in a life altering situation. However, when clients suffering from anxiety come to counseling, they have trouble turning this emotional mechanism off. You and your counselor will discuss some common anxiety producing situations, the thought patterns that you experience in those situations, and relaxation techniques to use to assist in alleviating some of these anxious feelings and working towards better mental health.

Counseling Children

Seeking counseling for your child is an emotional decision and it is one that is not taken lightly. Children's psychological needs are different than an adults. Given this, Golden Outlook Counseling provides a friendly environment for them to discuss their concerns. The first counseling session will be spent simply getting to know the child, as a strong relationship of trust is needed. Then, using a variety of techniques individual to them, your child will experience an environment that supports and encourages them to be open with and identify their feelings. They will also experience a host of interventions to help them work through any negative emotions.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a natural experience we all have in our lives and it can be a good thing. If you are feeling that your conflicts are overwhelming your relationships, counseling may provide a great outlet you. Together, we will talk about the issue at hand, recognize each person’s needs and emotions, and come to a solution together. In the first consultation, we will establish some ground rules that we all agree to and begin the process of getting resolution.

Depression Counseling

There is an estimated 14.8 million people that suffer from depression, so if you think that you may be depressed, you are not alone. Through counseling, many can work past these feelings and work towards a happier life. Also, in counseling we will work together to identify the patterns of depression, how to work through depressive episodes through therapy, and work at pinpointing triggers of depression for you, helping you to notice the signs in the future and work toward prevention.

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